Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Possibly the Most Disturbing Graphic Ever

Yeah, dismembered kittens are disturbing.  George W. Bush doing an African dance is terrifying.  But this right here...  This will definitely send shivers down your spine.  I saw it on Rachel Maddow’s show the other day and it terrified me to the core.  So much so that I am still thinking about it days later.

Seriously?!  Really?!

Think about in the plainest of terms.  If we’re heading down the shitter this quickly, the time it will take to climb out of it (should we ever get enough grip with our dung covered hands) is reversely proportional.  We’re talking years and years and years.

Fuck me.

OK, to fair, I must also include this.  It's no less disturbing however it does provide some context for the figures.  The percentages of jobs lost (as opposed to just their numbers) compared to the five previous depressions look a bit more consistent.  Though once again, no less terrifying.  All we know is that we're still fucked.  But not in a new and original way.  Instead just like the hipsters our economy is simply recyling 1974 or 1981.

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