Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bacon, Boats, and Blue Lagoon

So on Day 3 we went back to Keflavik, picked up our little Suzuki Swift, and headed off to the Blue Lagoon. Because all the guidebooks told us so.

As soon as we turned off the main highway we found ourselves on the Moon.

That's the geothermal power plant in the distance. It is in its byproduct that we would be bathing in minutes.

It was completely off the hook. Turns out, sometime the guidebooks know their shit.

We took a long time lounging around the pond. Afterwards I took full advantage of the fabulous shower and locker room facilities. Ladies, we're talking European hair conditioning products and salon-strength hair dryers!

Emerging from the baths pampered, relaxed, and equipped with soft-serve ice cream we got into our newly acquired wheels and set off for Reykjavik.

On the way, we encountered this:

And a few minutes later this:

It's a Viking ship, we're told. Personally though I thought it was a set of forks. Maybe I was just hungry.

So to celebrate our last time in civilization we had a fantastic dinner at the local Lula-equivalent and then saw a show. It kicked off at midnight (seeing as it was just getting to dusk) so we only managed to stick around for the first two bands...which was totally worth it! Those guys were fantastic. The first outfit was more than ten people strong, including multiple fiddles, a horn section, and an upright bass. Think Arcade Fire meets Beirut. But better. The second group was more of a synth pop-rock situation but also with a fiddle that sometimes got swapped for an accordion. Really wonderful stuff!

Coming up next -- a drive into the middle of nowhere, seals, and trolls.


Anonymous said...

cool, keep writing!

Christina and Ken said...

Did you manage to smuggle a pony yet? Can't wait to see more photos!