Friday, November 14, 2008

Rosebuds + Megafun

The Bottom Lounge | Chicago, IL

I must say, my new and sexy friend Alice dubbed these guys most aptly: "The Lumberjack Experiment." At one point on stage there were multiple cowbells in addition to a theremin. We found out later that one of the gentlemen happens to give incredible hugs.

And then came The Rosebuds!

The Rosebuds
The Bottom Lounge | Chicago, IL

There are very few bands that can still get my geriatric ass off the couch on a school night. Damn near midnight, at that. These guys however are different. There's something about their hard-driving pop full of hooks and spooky images that maks me crave them something crazy. Kind of like Chipotle. Except good for you. And not owned by McDonald's.

They played an awesome set covering many of the new songs off their la Life Like. And at the very end they unplugged, climbed down off the stage. and hung out with crowd singing a few more. Seriously, it felt like we were all just chilling at someone's house.

Naturally, as soon as it was over, I ran off and hid.

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germ said...

Yeah, but Chipotle gives you 50 free burritos for your workplace... ;)